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  • ConstructionLine GOLD Member
    3rd Oct 2019

    We are very proud to announce that we have now, after in-depth scrutiny, have been uprated to the GOLD standard of ...

  • New 6,000 square foot building
    14th Mar 2019

    Due to continued growth in our business we have had to build another factory for ourselves! This new 6,000 square foot ...

Special Offer on Mobile Crush - Call for price and availability

All Crushes are designed to minimize stress and maximise accessibility and saftey to animal and operator.

A 20ft race comprising of 8No 9ft concertina H/D gates which form a pen capable of holding up to 30 adult cattle.

Additional accessories:

  • Manual Squeeze operated from Hydraulic Pump
  • Remote Controlled Hydraulic Squeeze and Headgate
  • Hydraulic Squeeze and Headgate operated by Tractor Hydraulics
  • Rear Access Doors Rear Sliding Door
  • Rear Swing Door
  • Cow Head Scoop & Bracket
  • Calf Head Restraint
  • Revolving Rump Bar - (Standard Type) Galv.
  • Revolving Rump Bar - (Up and Over)
  • Foot Trimming Equipment inc. 2 winches & 4 Foot Blocks
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