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Special Offer on Mobile Crush - Call for price and availability

All Crushes are designed to minimize stress and maximise accessibility and saftey to animal and operator.

A 20ft race comprising of 8No 9ft concertina H/D gates which form a pen capable of holding up to 30 adult cattle.

Additional accessories:

  • Manual Squeeze operated from Hydraulic Pump
  • Remote Controlled Hydraulic Squeeze and Headgate
  • Hydraulic Squeeze and Headgate operated by Tractor Hydraulics
  • Rear Access Doors Rear Sliding Door
  • Rear Swing Door
  • Cow Head Scoop & Bracket
  • Calf Head Restraint
  • Revolving Rump Bar - (Standard Type) Galv.
  • Revolving Rump Bar - (Up and Over)
  • Foot Trimming Equipment inc. 2 winches & 4 Foot Blocks
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